Arthur Wolde, Sr. Part 2

World War II Ambulance Driver

Exciting, witty, caring, interesting are how to describe the day we visited this incredible man to talk about his life. When we arrived at the home of Mr. Arthur W. Wolde, Sr we were met with a warm welcome. Mr. Wolde is sitting in his chair, his book on the table to his right. Pictures of he and his late wife are scattered throughout the room as well as pictures of his children. He is smiling, eager to share his story. His story is one of commitment, honor, and passion. Mr. Wolde is a World War II veteran who tells the story of his military experience in Ambulance #11. His book talks in depth about his experiences in the Second World War. In this interview though he opens up and talks about his family life, his faith as well as the highlights his book. He shares his childhood in Long Island, NY, being drafted and his relocation to Ft. Tullahoma. Then he recounts how he met his wife, a little about their courtship and marriage. He also talks about the time he served in World War II. Sharing many stories including how he was known worldwide for a day. He bravely and lovingly shares his life, fears, hurts, disappointments, triumphs, trials, and his faith. You may be laughing one minute and find yourself holding back a tear the next. Enjoy this time with Mr. Wolde, Sr., WWII veteran and the driver of Ambulance #11.

Watch Part 2 below. Part 1 can be seen here.

Interviewed by Kim Copeland on August 23, 2010.