Doyle Johnson

Korean War

Doyle Johnson was born in Winston County, Mississippi on January 27th, 1932. His father was in the logging business, and was killed in a logging truck when Doyle was just 9 years old. At age fifteen, he joined the National Guard.

After spending 3 years in the National Guard, Doyle was sent to Korea to assist in the Korean War effort. Although he had some close encounters, he was spared from combat. At the end of his extension, the National Guard tried to keep him in service, but he pointed out that his time was up and showed them the papers. Unable to refute the evidence, they not only removed Doyle from the front lines, but also all other civilians that were serving there.

Upon returning to the United States, Doyle went to Detroit to find work. He went through several occupations, including working in automobile factories and working as an undercover agent for the Detroit Police. He was eventually relocated to Sheffield, Alabama, where he has remained. Since arriving in Sheffield he has managed numerous small businesses, from restaurants and a pawn shop to real estate commerce.

Doyle now has several children and grandchildren, and says he even has 23 great-grandchildren.