George Megar: World War II Veteran

It was evident in the interview with Mr. Megar that he thoroughly enjoyed his time spent in the navy, despite the hardships that he endured.

He was born in Nashville, Tennessee, but came to North Alabama soon after his high school graduation to work for TVA. Soon after this, in 1941, he enlisted in the navy.

He was sent to midshipmen school in New York and was able to see sights in and around the area that he never thought he would be able to see. A self-described country boy, he was enthralled with the beauty of the historic places that he was able to visit and the education that he received from being in a different culture.

When he graduated from midshipmen school, he got married, and he and his wife were sent to Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

During his tenure with the navy, he was also in Norfolk, Virginia, and Boston, where he was able to watch the ship he would be working on as it was being built. It was a large ship and would accompany equipment, troops, and cargo. The primary purpose of this ship was to carry needed cargo to the other larger ships in areas of combat.

He remembered being in Okinawa when the war ended.

We hope you enjoy this interview with Mr. George Megar, Navy WWII Veteran.

Interviewed By Janie Bogus
January 19, 2011