Ida Burrell: A Woman in World War II

Ida Burrell, a Woman in World War II

Ida Burrell was born on December 26, 1921 to Jesse and Fanny Burrell. Jesse was a farmer, who grew crops such as corn, cotton, sweet potatoes, and Irish potatoes. Growing up, Ida would help her father cut down trees for firewood by holding one end of the crosscut saw–while her older brother was at the house playing the piano! She attended a small country school in Marion County, Alabama for her first seven years of education. From grade 8 to 12, she attended Phillips High School in Bear Creek, Alabama.

She got her first job working at Walgreens as a waitress, and then was given a job at the TVA chemical plant. When she was about 21 years old she joined the WAVES, the female division of the Navy.

She remained in the WAVES for 6 months. Following her service, she returned home to Alabama. Throughout her life she has encountered both love and heartbreak, good times and hard times. Yet she has been able to find satisfaction in it all. As she puts it, “I don’t let that bother me.”

We hope you enjoy listening to Ida as she shares her life’s journey with us.