Richard Taylor: World War II Veteran

Having just recently returned from Washington D.C. with the Honor Flight of World War II Veterans, Mr. Taylor was very complimentary of the people who were in charge of this memorable day.

Richard was born in 1926 and grew up primarily in Oklahoma and Texas. He entered the navy in 1946 after completing a year of college at Pepperdine University. He spent all of his time in service within the United States, except for time spent in Hawaii. (This was before Hawaii’s statehood.) His specialty was in the field of communication, and he was stationed in California and in and near Washington D.C.

As many veterans do, he minimized his benefit to his country, but we know that every veteran is important in the protection of our nation.

After his discharge, he attended college on the G. I. Bill, where he met and married a college classmate. Upon graduating, he moved to Alabama and worked as a minister and school teacher until his retirement. Mr. Taylor currently lives in Florence, Alabama.

Richard Taylor was interviewed in September of 2010 on the campus of Heritage Christian University in Florence, Alabama. Present for this interview were Kim Copeland and Janie Bogus.