John Ezell: WWII Veteran

John Ezell was drafted into the military in 1943 at age 18. After serving his time in the Army during World War II, he returned and began dating Edna, who he would go on to marry. In January of 1946 he went back to high school to get his diploma, and in 1947 he began attending college at the University of North Alabama. In 1952 John began working at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and worked there until 1966. After that he worked at the post office until 1984. He then served 2 4-year terms as Lauderdale County Commissioner. John was a member of many organizations throughout his carrier, including American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, American Ex–Prisoners of War, Alabama 9-1-1 Board, Allen Thornton Vocational School Advisory Board, Lauderdale Cattlemen Association, and others. In 2008, John Ezell passed away.

In this interview, John's wife Edna and their granddaughter Leann Phillips share with us their memories of John Ezell, as well as some of the stories he told of his time served in World War II, when he was captured by German soldiers and held in a prison camp.