The Archer’s Son – Costume Contest


August 16, 2014 – Florence Lauderdale Public Library

The Archer’s Son Proclamation Celebration was a fun day of medieval education and festivities. There were sword fights, dancing lessons, presentations and demonstrations. Men, women, children, and even dogs came dressed in period clothing from the Middle Ages. A costume contest to determine who donned the most impressive outfits capped off the celebration.

The first contestant was a young girl sporting a gorgeous Renaissance-era evening gown.

The Archer's Son Proclamation Celebration

Next up was another young girl wearing a realistic medieval green dress and coif. In addition, she had on her a pouch for coins and a hood that could be pulled over her head.


Then we saw a very young knight, ready for combat with his sword and helmet.


The next contestant was a young archer. Well, I think he was an archer. He was equipped not just with a bow and quiver, but also a sword and shield. Whatever he was, he was well prepared for anything that would dare fight against him.


And for the last of the child contestants, we were presented with none other than the Archer’s Son himself. Dressed in very authentic attire, he came equipped with a dagger that was customary for his character.

The Archer's Son Costume Contest

And then came the adults.

The first of the adult contestants was a noblewoman dressed in a beautiful green gown and several pendants, including one in the shape of a fleur-de-lis.

The Archer's Son Costume Contest

We also saw a moderately-armored English Archer, wielding a longbow and dagger.

The Archer's Son Costume Contest

The final contestant came in the costume of a woodsman from Yorkshire. He was wearing a very handy-looking leather utility belt, from which he carried a pouch, a dagger, and a drinking cup.

The Archer's Son Costume Contest

All of the contest’s participants placed and received a free copy of Mark Hubbs’ book, The Archer’s Son, as a prize. In addition, the top adult contestants each received a free ticket to The Feast, a large celebration dinner held annually as part of the Alabama Renaissance Faire.

The Archer's Son Costume Contest

All of the contestants looked amazing and presented us with a great demonstration of the attire of the Middle Ages.


The Archer's Son

The Archer’s Son by M. E. Hubbs
ISBN-13: 978-1934610947